Hi, I’m Dev.

Devlin Nightingale is a well-established professional based out of Cape Town, South Africa. His interests fall mainly in making the world a more pleasing place to live by improving the graphics we are constantly exposed to on a daily basis.

His experience has included stints in the Healthcare Technology sector, with a focus on international markets and, more recently, in an advertising agency with some key local brands. Having to liaise with multi-national corporations on a regular basis in his early career, allowed Devlin to hone his ability to communicate and foster relationships as a key component of his management style. After moving into the advertising sector and working with various alcohol brands his focus is back on solid designs, eye-catching layouts, intriguing TTL campaigns and yes, many, many promotional video edits!

Devlin likes to play guitar too and his cats and wife haven’t left him due to said guitar playing. Yet.